Acadia Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring


Colonia Nordic White Oak

English Oak
Colonia Vinyl English Oak

Golden Koa
Colonia Vinyl Golden Koa

Kings Oak
Colonia Vinyl Kings Oak

Mountain Alder
Colonia Vinyl Mountain Alder

New English Elm
Colonia Vinyl New English Elm

Nordic White Oak
Colonia Vinyl Nordic White Oak

Oxford Maple
Colonia Vinyl Oxford Maple

Schoolhouse Oak
Colonia Vinyl Schoolhouse Oak

Virginia Walnut
Colonia Vinyl Virginia Walnut

Woodland Oak
Colonia Vinyl Woodland Oak

Colonia is a collection of luxury vinyl tiles, replicating the natural beauty of wood, designed for use in residential interiors. The tiles are 2mm thick with a 0.2mm wear layer making them ideal for use in the home in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, entrance halls and conservatories.


Camaro Country Teak

Ambrosia Maple
Camaro Vinyl Ambrosia Maple

American Oak
Camaro Vinyl American Oak

Classic Oak
Camaro Vinyl Classic Oak

Country Teak
Camaro Vinyl Country Teak

Figured Pine
Camaro Vinyl Figured Pine

Heritage Oak
Camaro Vinyl Heritage Oak

Natural Oak
Camaro Vinyl Natural Oak

American Walnut
Camaro Vinyl American Walnut

Nut Tree
Camaro Vinyl Nut Tree

Roasted Oak
Camaro Vinyl Roasted Oak

Smoked Elm
Camaro Vinyl Smoked Elm

Vintage Timber
Camaro Vinyl Vintage Timber

Warwick Oak
Camaro Vinyl Warwick Oak

Waxed Pine
Camaro Vinyl Waxed Pine

Limed Oak
Camaro Vinyl Limed Oak

Camaro is a versatile, practical and hardwearing range of vinyl tile flooring with soft even grain texture. It is suitable for both residential and light commercial applications. The tiles are 2mm thick with a 0.3mm wear layer making them very resiliant , long lasting and a cost effective solution to your flooring needs.

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