Que ?:  Tough talk
  • Your flooring choice needs to reflect your lifestyle and your budget.  If any of the following words conjure up visions of your home — wet dogs, muddy footprints, teetering toddlers, sippy cups, grape juice, spring gardening, volcanic science projects, skateboards or roller blades — you are in the right floor space. Resilient vinyl flooring is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it’s easy to keep clean. It’s durable, water resistant and doesn’t fade, stain, or dent.
Choosing the style or pattern that’s right for you
Que ?:  Considerations

This is the fun part.  You’ve done your homework.  You’ve made your decision.  You want resilient vinyl flooring.  So how do you even start to narrow down your choices?

  • How Big is your Room ?
    Start with the size of your room.  Keep in mind that rooms appear smaller if the flooring is dark and larger if you choose a light color.

  • How big is your floor pattern?
    Now consider the pattern of the flooring.  In most cases, a smaller pattern works best in small rooms where the pattern will be visually interrupted with pieces of furniture, say a bathroom vanity or a dining room table.  On the other hand, to make the room feel more spacious, you might use a larger pattern

  • How will your flooring work with your wallpaper or fabrics?
    Think about what else is in the room.  Just like matching the right tie to the right shirt, if the wallpaper has a large pattern, you should probably choose a small pattern for the floor.  And the opposite works, too.  Fabric or wallpaper with a small pattern can look terrific paired with large patterned flooring.

Your new floor is installed and everything looks beautiful — and that’s exactly how you want to keep it.  Here are some general care guidelines. These, combined with the manufacturer’s information, should tell you all you need to know to keep everything looking like new.

  • Do not replace your appliances for a minimum of 24-72 hours after installation. Light foot traffic is allowed after 24 hours.

  • Dust, sand and grit particles are the enemy.  Sweep or vacuum frequently.  Don’t use a vacuum with a beater bar as it may scratch your floor. And don’t use scrub brushes.

  • When sweeping or vacuuming does not remove the dirt, mop the floor with clean warm water.  Rinse the floor thoroughly with fresh water.

  • If water alone does not clean the surface, use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer.  Most “no-rinse” cleaners will work just fine.


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