uniclic vinyl board

uniclic vinyl board

The CLIC SYSTEM product brings together the advantages of two types of floor covering to form a durable floating floor. It has the UNICLIC system plus a highly decorative heterogeneous PVC flooring as a wear layer.

uniclic vinyl board

  • 28 sophisticated designs
  • brilliant colours and deceptively real surface finishes for the highest aesthetic requirements
  • PU surface treatment
  • 0,55 mm wear layer thickness
  • self-locking system for a glue-free application
  • high quality HDF layer
  • cork underlay for sound reduction

Fixed as a floating floor incredibly quickly. Pieces click together.

Impact resistant, Scratch resistant, Stain resistant, Fire resistant.

True Grain

True Grain Vinyl Boards

Classic Oak
Classic oak Vinyl Clic

Fresco Vinyl Clic

Oyster Vinyl Clic

Ranch Vinyl Clic

Rift Vinyl Clic

Weathered Vinyl Clic



Wood Tex Contemorary

Woodtex Contemporary Vinyl

Bianco Vinyl Clic

Bleached Vinyl Clic

Driftwood Vinyl Clic

Ember Vinyl Clic

Fired Vinyl Clic

Griffin Vinyl Clic

Jatoba Vinyl Clic

Maple Vinyl Clic



Wood Tex Aged

Woodtex Aged Vinyl Boards

Barn Vinyl Clic

Blanched Vinyl Clic

Distressed Vinyl Clic

Fumed Vinyl Clic

Nature Vinyl Clic

Washed Vinyl Clic



Stone Range with textured face

Antique Travertine
Antique Travertine Vinyl Clic

Atlantic Slate
Atlantic Slate Vinyl Clic

Classic Travertine
Classic Travertine Vinyl Clic

Pebblstone Vinyl Clic

Silver Slate
Silver Slate Vinyl Clic


Metal Range

Beige Metal
Pebblstone Vinyl Clic

Silver Metal
Silver metal Vinyl Clic

Corroded Metal
Corroded metal Vinyl Clic


Impact resistant, scratch resistant, stain resistant, fire resistant and virtually immune to the sun’s rays; warm, quiet and easy on the feet; flexible, stable and really, really easy to fit:

Plusfloor is a rigid plank made up of several layers: a top layer of transparent PVC seals a decorated vinyl to provide a comfortable walking surface which is exceptionally tough and easy to maintain; a layer of HDF incorporating a clic fixing system gives stability, solidity and strength in the join; and finally a layer of cork ensures Plusfloor’s excellent thermal and noise insulation (asmuch as 18db). These planks are laid floating over the subfloor with all the advan tages this entails. For example, the subfloor, although flat, does not need to be perfect, and if it is damp or powdery simply lay a damp proof membrane; it also requires virtually no preparation and no drying time after the floor is laid. The laid flooring will be perfectly flat and even, and will remain that way even if there is some movement in the subfloor; and the clic system ensures tight and consistent joints between every board. What’s more, to add to all its other benefits, Plusfloor exhibits sound green credentials: the HDF used for the main core is FSC® certified and the vinyl is produced from recycled materials.

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