Natural Stone Effect Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Ivory Travertine

Carrara Marble
Carrara Stone Effect Vinyl Tile

Travertine Stone Effect Vinyl Tile

Pennant Grey
Pennant Stone Effect Vinyl Tile

Piedmont Stone Effect Vinyl Tile

Crema Marfil
Crema marfil vinyl tile

Autumn Slate
Autumn Slate vinyl tile

Grey Slate
Grey Slate vinyl tile

Cream Limestone
Cream Limestone effect vinyl tile

Ivory Travertine
Ivory Travertine stone effect vinyl tile

Metalstone Beige
Metalstone Beige vinyl tile

Metalstone Grey
Metalstone Grey vinyl tile

Natural Sandstone
Natural Sandstone vinyl tile

Scottish Slate
Scottish Slate vinyl tile

Travertine Classic
Travertine Classic vinyl tile

Natural Stone Vinyl by Oibá is a versatile, practical and hardwearing range of vinyl tile flooring with soft even grain texture. It is suitable for both residential and light commmercial applications. The tiles are 2.5mm thick with a 0.55mm wear layer making them very resiliant , long lasting and a cost effective solution to your flooring needs.

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