Provence Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring

Provence by Oibá is a versatile, practical and hardwearing range of vinyl tile flooring with soft even grain texture. It is suitable for both residential and light commercial applications. The tiles are 2.5mm thick with a 0.55mm wear layer making them a very resiliant , and long lasting solution to your flooring needs.

Limed Oak Brown

American Nut Tree
American Nut Tree Vinyl Tile

Antique Timber
Antique Timber Vinyl Tile

Bleached Maple
Bleached Maple Vinyl Tile

Blond Nut Tree
Blond Nut Tree Vinyl Tile

Brushed Oak Dark
Brushed Oak Dark Vinyl Tile

Brushed Oak Medium
Brushed Oak Medium Oak Vinyl Tile

Classic Oak
Classic Oak Vinyl Tile

Driftwood Beige
Driftwood Beige Vinyl Tile

Driftwood Dark
Driftwood Dark Vinyl Tile

Driftwood Grey
Driftwood Grey Vinyl Tile

Limed Oak Brown
Limed Oak Brown Vinyl Tile

Limed Oak Grey
Limed Oak Grey Vinyl Tile

Limed Oak Light
Limed Oak Light Vinyl Tile

Macassar Black
Macassar Black Vinyl Tile

Mahogany Vinyl Tile

Natural Maple
Natural Maple Vinyl Tile

Rustic Beam
Rustic Beam Vinyl Tile

Rustic Cherry
Rustic Cherry Vinyl Tile

Teak Vinyl Tile

Bevelled Wood Effect

Bevelline Polyflor

American Oak
Bevelline American Oak

Bevelline Beech

French Nut Tree
Bevelline French Nut Tree

Grey Ash
Bevelline Grey Ash

Light Oak
Bevelline Light Oak

Bevelline Mahogany

Bevelline Maple

Bevelline Merbau

Rich Oak
Bevelline Rich Oak

Smoked Chestnut
Bevelline Smoked Chestnut

Bevelline by Polyflor Bevel Line is a collection of bevel edged luxury vinyl tiles, replicating the natural beauty of wood, designed for use in heavy commercial areas. Polyflor Bevel Line PUR is suitable for heavy commercial use in corridors, shops, department stores, classrooms, lecture theatres, multi-purpose halls, open-plan offices and other areas with heavy traffic. Polyflor Bevel Line PUR may also be used in heavy light industrial applications, where work is sedentary with occasional use of light vehicles. Polyflor Bevel Line PUR is also ideal for use in the home in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, entrance halls and conservatories

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