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The Umbria range has a unique click system and do not require glueing down.

pure allure Camaro loc

The popularity of this product is ever increasing due to the speed at which it can be fitted. Although more expensive than the standard glue down LVT, it does not require adhesive and so can be fitted by any competent person.

Each tile locks onto the adjoining one and so there is no risk of gaps. They do not warp or bend.

Umbria Wood Effect Vinyl Tiles Easy clic

Apple Tree Camaro Loc

Black Walnut
Black Walnut Vinyl Tile

Carmel Oak
Carmel Oak Vinyl Tile

Castagno   Vinyl Tile

Cottage Oak
Cottage Oak Vinyl Tile

Devon Oak
Devon Oak Vinyl Tile

Durban Oak
Durban Oak Vinyl Tile

Espresso Vinyl Tile

Markham Dark Oak
Markham Dark Oak Vinyl Tile

Markham Med Oak
Markham Med Oak Vinyl Tile

Markham Light Oak
Markham Light Oak Vinyl Tile

Noce Vinyl Tile

Savannah Oak
Savannah Oak Vinyl Tile

Sawn Dark Oak
Sawn Dark Oak Vinyl Tile

Sawn Grey Oak
Sawn Grey Oak Vinyl Tile

Sawn Oak
Sawn Oak Vinyl Tile

Extra Large

Golden Oak White
Golden Oak White Vinyl Tile

Smoked Oak Almond
Smoked Oak Almond Vinyl Tile

Structured Surface

Aspen Black
Aspen Black Vinyl Tile

Aspen Oak
Aspen Oak Vinyl Tile

Aspen Silver
Aspen Silver  Vinyl Tile

Avignon Natural Oak
Avignon Natural Oak Vinyl Tile

Avignon Oak
Avignon Oak Vinyl Tile

Avignon Stained
Avignon Stained Vinyl Tile

Dakota Hickory
Dakota Hickory Vinyl Tile

Wyoming Hickory
Wyoming Hickory Vinyl Tile

Umbria by Oibá is a versatile, practical and hardwearing range of vinyl tile flooring from Pure Allure. It is suitable for both residential and light commmercial applications. The tiles are 5mm thick with a 0.55mm wear layer making them very resiliant , long lasting and a cost effective solution to your flooring needs. But better than that, they have a unique click system and do not require glueing down.

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